Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Food Post (with Instagram)

Well they always said that the best camera you have is the one that's always with you. Like in your pocket.

The iPhone today has become the perfect pocket camera. With different kinds of photo apps in the Apple App Store, your creativity is largely boosted.

People love taking pictures of their food, and showing off on Instagram. Simple 1-click filters are easily slapped on to enhance the look of the images.

I present to you - The Food Post.

That's the Kampung Nasi Goreng from Shangri-La Putrajaya, a regular annual hangout every March.

The cappuccino from Shangri-La

Putu Apam from Ghim Moh market & hawker centre - A thin paper like snack with orange colored sugar. My colleague asked why is the sugar orange? I replied "Cos it's orange sugar!"

Red bean durian from Ghim Moh market & hawker centre

Curry chicken and bread from Ghim Moh market & hawker centre

Little balls biscuits - Can't remember where I bought this from!

Finally opened! Resisted for 1 day!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Color Run Singapore 2013

Marketed as the happiest 5km run on the planet, the Color Run took place over the previous weekend. Reading how the Color Run ruins your camera on Petapixel, I was initially hesitating on wether to go down to Sentosa, I decided why not give it a go and see what kind of images I could get from this.

Participants started from a clean slate like this below.

And they have more color plastered on like this.

The joggers run through different zones where colored cornstarch is thrown at them. They are also advised to roll on the ground to get more color on. Here's what the situation looks like in the blue color throw zone.

Participants emerged from the blue color throw zone, look at the blueish haze cloud in the background!

While they are having fun, don't forget to pose for candid photos!

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