Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jersey shopping experience Kitbag (UK) & Premier Football (SG)

Lately, I've been very unlucky to get jerseys not printed properly. 2 companies, one from Singapore - Chelsea jersey with name not aligned properly, one from UK - Netherlands jersey with front number not aligned properly.

Netherlands 2014-15 Home with Robben 11 printed from Kitbag UK

Notice after I folded, the 11 is badly slanted towards the bottom right.

Chelsea 2014-15 Home with Diego Costa 19 printed from Premier Football (Bugis) in Singapore.

Using the white line as the reference and placing a ruler horizontally between the shoulder seems, notice the misprinting starts from letters "GO" and carries on towards "COSTA", such that it already eats into the 1cm space above the ruler. 
Placing the ruler below, aligned and parallel to the first three letters "DIE".

I contacted Premier Football via phone to their head office in Ubi, and told them I had sent images via Facebook messaging about the misalignment in printing. However, pictures were not enough to prove that it was an error in printing and they needed the Chelsea jersey to be sent to the exact shop which I bought from in Bugis, downtown Singapore. When I sent it there (August 13th, 2014), the retail person in-charge said as communicated in Facebook (with the executive in the head office) the jersey would be sent to their head office in Ubi and the management needed two weeks to make a decision if there is a misalignment in the letters. Outcome: On August 18, 2014, Premier Football contacted me and will replace the jersey and mail the replacement to my place. Thanks for rectifying!

Kitbag from Manchester, UK apologised immediately (on August 13th, 2014) after seeing the picture evidence (sent via Facebook messaging) for the mistake and would reprint the name and number on a new Netherlands jersey and resend it to me via express without any charge. Additionally, I do not have to send the misprinted jersey from Singapore back to the UK. Thanks a lot Kitbag and their customer service officer Loti!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

World Cup Jersey Collection

Ok so the World Cup was over, however that did not stop me from buying some World Cup related memorabilia. The biggest dilemma a soccer fan has is when choosing between the replica compared to the authentic version. The replica version is the cheaper of the two, usually more comfortable as it is of a regular cut, while the authentic version is almost double the price of the replica version and the materials used are thinner and lighter. The authentic version is the one the players wear onto the field of play. Nike markets the replica as the stadium version, while the authentic version is known as the match version. Of course the other thing to consider is whether to get the player's name & number set printed, and if the shop selling it is able to print the numbers nice and straight, etc.

Adidas Germany Home Authentic jersey with player name and number printed plus World Cup badges.

Match name printed under the German Football Association crest.

Nike USA Away Stadium jersey.

Nike Netherlands Home Match jersey.

Nike Netherlands Away (L) and Home Match jersey.

Nike Netherlands Home stadium jersey with player name & number with World Cup badges printed.

Netherlands Away jersey classic World Cup finals 1994 by Score Draw

Jerseys that might be kept for collection purposes.

Finally found the stadium version of the Euro 2012 Netherlands Home jersey. Bought the match version way back two years ago.
Bunch of FIFA World Cup badges bought from eBay. Letting them go for S$20.